What lies beyond this door that I see,
A nightmare or nothing, what could be waiting for me.
What is hidden behind this door I have found,
Forgotten rooms or a tunnel leading deep underground.
Who roams the expanse of this locked away place,
A beast or a fiend, wickedness etched on its face.
There may be ghosts of unrest or whispers of fear,
If I open the door, then what shall I hear.
Do I dare to prize open this door of unknown,
Am I wise to proceed on this venture alone.
Could it possibly be such horrors are waiting for me.
Should I open the door, be brave and just see.
The longer I ponder, the more afraid I become,
Then with a staggering jolt, I see the deed has been done.
The door has been opened, the hinges creaked with despair,
What lies beyond…I don’t know,
I was no longer there!

~S Wilds

Copyright © 2015 S Wilds. All Rights Reserved.